Why Software Testing Conferences Like TestBashNY Are So Incredibly Important

Rosie Sherry is Founder of Ministry of Testing and Software Testing Club.  She loves to do great things for software testers of the world.

TestBashI’ve been in the testing world since 2001, a few years later I was ready to leave. Everything about testing seemed dull. Boring. Pointless. Uninspiring. I couldn’t see myself in this career for the rest of my life.

I tried to find other like-minded testers, but I failed.  There were no meet up groups. All the conferences were too far away or way too expensive. People didn’t really seem interested in testing; they only seemed interested in talking to try to sell me stuff. And just to top it off, the online forums and groups seemed to be operated by robots that asked the same questions over and over and over again.

This would encourage anyone in that situation to leave their career. However, a bit like Hotel California, it’s like I’m not allowed to leave.

Things kept pulling me back into software testing. Slowly, I started doing things that inspired me. One brick at a time I started trying to piece and pull things together to create a better world. I like to emphasise the ‘one brick at a time’ –  it’s taken me 10 years to come to what the Ministry of Testing and Software Testing Club are today. I experimented, often failing and occasionally succeeding  And it seems that you only need to succeed a few times to actually make a positive impact.

Along the way I’ve created a world. A club. A ministry (!) that seeks to change and inspire software testers to do better, greater and smarter work surrounded by a supportive community that they can call their friends.Continue Reading