Bug Reporting for New QA Testers


Communicating with precision is what separates superstar software testers. In many ways, it will be your bug reporting methodology that make you stand out.

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Value of Testing Survey


Welcome to the Value of Testing Survey! We’ll be sharing the results with all participants.

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Introduction To Software (Product Testing) Planning


Test Planning. Many things go into test planning, such as the riskiness of the product (on the consumer and society), the risk aversion of the company, regulatory implications and much more.  To be successful require both a long view (planning) as well as adapting to conditions and opportunities.  We discussed some test planning in an […]

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Software Testing for Beginners


If you’re new to testing and want to quickly learn the basics, you’re in the right place. This whole post is focused on software testing for beginners.

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Tips for Hiring a QA Tester


One of the teams within our organization recently started looking to expand by hiring another QA tester or two. That made us think, how can you tell if someone will perform well as a tester on your team before bringing them on full-time? Questions to Ask QA Testers How good are you really at locating bugs? […]

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