5 Tips for Regaining Your Motivation as a Tester


The following is a Guest Blog Post by Joel Montvelisky from PractiTest. You can follow Joel on Twitter at @joelmonte and PractiTest at @practitest, and we also suggest you visit the QA Intelligence blog. Sometimes during our testing careers we reach a spot where we wish we’d be doing something else. These are the times […]

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Product Tester: The last line of defense


Think of your development team as a soccer team. The product tester is your goalie. Like a talented goalie, a talented tester is hard to find.

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Browser Testing Made Simple


  Disclaimer: since we built one of the best testing tools on the market, this post includes some self promotion. Why is browser testing important? The ability to test your application in multiple browsers is as important as it’s ever been, and it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon. If you don’t know how users […]

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3 Website QA Considerations


Transitioning from backend testing to website QA testing? There are a number of common things to consider before getting started…

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The Importance of Cross Browser Testing


Let me explain why cross browser testing capabilities are so important. We live in a world of options and choices: different types of cars, phones, computers, and yes…browsers. This is typically a good thing. If you don’t like one product, you can easily move on to another. I say it’s typically a good thing for obvious […]

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