Major Announcement: More tracks!

train tracks cropped
You asked for it, so we’re bringing it to you: starting on August 1st you’ll be able to add more tracks to your Tellurium account!

With more tracks, you can do things like:

  • Have multiple team members running automated tests at the same time
  • Schedule simultaneous overnight regression runs
  • Cut the run time of your test suite in half!
  • Don’t worry, we’re going to continue to offer Tellurium as a free application. Additional tracks and scheduled runs will be add-ons that you can purchase (for much less than this functionality would cost with other testing applications).

    Why now? Since releasing Tellurium we’ve been humbled by the interest and support from the testing community. The number of Tellurium users has grown so quickly that it’s been almost overwhelming.

    But because we offer Tellurium as a free application, this tidal wave of usage has lead to ever-increasing costs for our parent company, Grant Street Group. Offering these add-ons will provide testers with the enhanced functionality they’ve been seeking while also enabling us to continue offering the core Tellurium application for free.

    How do you get more tracks? Simply log in to your Tellurium account on August 1st and follow the prompts to pick the tier that best fits your needs.

    Don’t need more tracks? You’re welcome to keep using Tellurium with 1 track for free!

    We look forward to continuing to work with you and the rest of the testing community to build one of the most innovative testing tools available.

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