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What can Tellurium - Test plan software with built-in automated testing tools - do for you?

Tellurium - Manual web testing and automation software -


Easily create powerful automated or manual tests for websites or web applications – no installation or development experience necessary.

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Tellurium - Web-based agile testing management software -

Test Management

Painlessly manage all of your tests and results and access them from any web browser, wherever and whenever you like.

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Tellurium - Cloud-based automated testing with built-in collaboration features -


Easily work with your team to create and run tests, then share your results with others inside and outside of the application.

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It’s about more than just testing…

Most testing tools require complex installations, weeks of training, and leave you with nowhere to turn when you’re having difficulties. You deserve to be spending time on what matters: making sure that your website and applications are at the highest quality for YOUR users. That’s why we’ve spent years rethinking the testing process, removing unnecessary complexities, and building a tool that’s as powerful and painless to use as it is flexible and fun.

Our commitment to our users means that we’re constantly working on innovative ways to save you time, money, and resources. We hope that you’ll join us, and together we’ll redefine what a testing tool can really do for you.

Tellurium - Message our CEO -

Mike Sparks,

Tellurium CEO

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