Everything your team needs to create, run, and manage your tests.

For Testers

"Plain English" Scripting

Tellurium tests use “Plain English” commands and custom phrases. This means it’s easy for anyone to write powerful automated tests: BAs, testers, devs, managers, or consultants.

Cross-Browser Testing

To get the best idea of how your site works for your users, run your tests in multiple browsers. Use browsers on Tellurium’s grid, or connect your Sauce Labs account for more options.

Manual and Automated Testing

With Tellurium, you can perform both manual and automated testing, keeping all of your tests and results in one place. Tracking your testing has never been easier.

Data-Driven Testing

Write one test that can run on multiple sites, for multiple test users, and any other criteria you can think of. Using test data lets you create more flexible and secure tests.

Tellurium for JIRA Add-on

Use the Tellurium for JIRA Cloud add-on to link your tests to your issues. See at a glance in JIRA which tests are related to a given issue, then click on a test to view, modify, or run it in Tellurium.


Build schedules to run as often as every minute and notify you of problems. Whether you run regression tests overnight or monitor to make sure your site’s always up, scheduling saves clicks.

For Developers

Writing and Running via the API

Don’t want or need to use Tellurium’s web UI? Write and run your tests via our API. We’ve created API wrappers in Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby to get you started.

Testing Behind Firewalls

Run tests that hit your developer sandbox or any internal environment site. Testing behind firewalls is easy and secure.

Integrating with Existing Tools

Use Tellurium’s open API to integrate Tellurium with the other tools your team uses. Build bridges between Tellurium and your CI application, your test management site, or any other tool with an API.

For Managers


Keep all of your team’s tests and results as neat and orderly as you like. Use projects to organize your testing efforts by department, team, client, environment… it’s up to you.

Custom Roles

Create roles to give each team member the correct permissions and access for their projects. User management is built right in.


No more spending days compiling and analyzing results. Easily generate CSV or PDF reports to get an overview of how manual and automated testing efforts are progressing.

For Organizations

Access Anywhere

Use Tellurium on any device with a browser, such as a laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or phone. Create and run tests, view results, and run reports where and when you like.


No more having to purchase, implement, and maintain multiple testing tools. Tellurium is a complete end-to-end solution for manual and automated testing, test management, and reporting.


Collaboration and transparency are key to getting things done, particularly in a fast-paced Agile environment. With Tellurium, teams work together more efficiently.