Got questions? We have answers.

Do I have to know a programming language to use Tellurium?
Nope! We’ve created a “Plain English” scripting language (or domain-specific language if you want to be technical) called “PBehave” that you use to write automated tests in Tellurium.

PBehave commands are easy to read and write no matter what your technical background or coding experience. You can view our command library here.
Can I use Tellurium to test sites that are behind our company's firewall?
Absolutely! All you need to do is ask your IS or systems administrator to allow Tellurium’s IP address through your firewall. Since none of your code is leaving the building, your private internal environment applications will stay private.

You can find documentation on testing behind firewalls here.
Can I run my Tellurium tests against multiple browsers?
You can currently run your tests against Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer on Tellurium’s grid, and you can connect your Sauce Labs account to Tellurium for additional browser and platform options!

To find out how, check out our documentation.
I'm not sure how to get started. What should I do?
Not to worry! For starters, complete the Tellurium Tutorial. You’ll learn all about creating, running, and managing tests, understanding and sharing your results, performing project and user administration, and more.

Our documentation is another great resource, with lots of information on using Tellurium’s features as well as the complete command library.

Finally, our PBehave eBook will help you get started writing Tellurium tests in no time. And of course if you have any questions, you can always visit our community forums and ask other users for their help.