About Us

Who we are and why we built Tellurium.

Our Story

Tellurium was founded and funded by Pittsburgh-based Grant Street Group.

A few years back, we recognized that if we wanted to become more Agile, we needed to automate at least some of our testing. So we started looking for an automation tool to help us. It had to be highly collaborative, so that developers and non-developers alike could use it to write, run, and share tests.

We searched all over but only found products that were expensive, limiting, and difficult to adopt and maintain. We went the open-source route for a while, only to be frustrated by the lack of user support and resources and by the burden that using these tools placed on our developers.

We didn’t want to have to purchase multiple expensive tools, acquire new equipment, or hire additional people to automate our testing.

It wasn’t long before we realized that the current offerings just weren’t going to cut it.

So we built Tellurium. And we’re sharing it with you.